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Holey Holes

Sometime in the distant past I proclaimed I’d finally mastered the no-knead ciabatta recipe.  Wrong!  Whatever my stupid self in the past thought, I didn’t have it down.  Each loaf of ciabatta came out like pita bread, with the air

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Simple Toys are Best

I’m such a rube.  I keep thinking children enjoy toys, but they don’t really.  They like simple things than can act as springboards for their imagination.  I was the same way as a kid.  In fact, I’m the same way

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On Writing

I started this blog with the goal of practice.  Sorry, happy readers, but everything you read here is all my rough work.  I needed a way to get my writing muscles limber and strong, and there’s no substitute for just

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The Mad Kitchen Scientist

I couldn’t have been more than three years old.  My brother, two years my senior, decided it would be a fantastic idea to get into all the ingredients in the pantry and I was the perfect man for the job. 

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Food, Grown

Child Harbat still isn’t that big on vegetables.  As a baby she downed terrific amounts of anything green, pureed and spoon-fed into her smiling mouth.  Now she finds a microscopic fleck of basil on her pizza and picks it off,

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Good Product Design

Last year I wrote about a grease spatter guard made by Ikea that has a very small handle in the middle, requiring you to reach into the scorching corona of danger to lift up the guard.  Clever, no?  At work

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Is Halloween Over Yet?

If you think the Handmade household is completely organized and up to date with all holiday decorations, I’m about to blast your assumptions into deep space.  I give you exhibit ‘A’.  Young children and those with heart conditions should look

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Baguettes: The Final Frontier

Really I’ve been putting this off for far too long.  I have a workable and tasty sourdough recipe, an oven setup that works well, and all the tools to make a baguette.  What’s been holding me back?  Fear.  A baguette

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Formative Years

I’ve heard it from my wife, from friends, and can identify it in myself.  Many of the things we have at our very core come from a period in our lives we can hardly remember.  Some of my wife’s earliest

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