Friday is Pizza Day

Then to the good people of the land was it Friday.  A dough ball shall be taken from the freezer and left to defrost on the warm top of the oven above the pilot light.  Lo there will be increased liveliness in the dough and bubbles will form.  Then from light on high will shine down on the countertop and there, unto us, will be a pizza crust delivered.  Yea though there were many options for toppings, the good people decided on the simplest.  There shall be potato slices on the pizza hence, but ever shall it be that the potatoes shall be anointed with olive oil, rosemary, and the salt of the earth.  There was rejoicing as the pizza was brought forth from the oven, delivered unto us, yea that we should enjoy it and sing hosannas.

Perhaps canst thou reach for it, lest ye burn thine fingers.  Thereupon shall ye exhibit patience, temperance, so can the pizza be cooled.  Hallelujah!


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8 comments on “Friday is Pizza Day
  1. akamonsoon says:

    Alas, the ethereal pizza! *chime angelic choir here* I’m sure it was just as delicious at it looks. Yum!

  2. Erin Michel says:


    I heard a pizza chef say on television once- I think on an episode of “No Reservations”- that if something is good not on a pizza, it’ll be good on a pizza, so don’t limit yourself.

  3. Babs says:

    Potatoes??? Hmmmm…. have to try that one. Does zucchini, cabbage or kale work on pizza?? I must admit, it does look good!

  4. samantha says:

    Funny I should be reading this as I sit in a freezing ass car, it is blizzarding outside, and I’ve been sitting here, car off, seatbelt on, purse on lap for more than twenty minutes waiting for Jesse to get his ” to go ” slice of pizza. Still no sign of him. Hooray for pizza Friday

  5. Bohdan says:

    Have you been to Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights? Right now they have a seasonal heirloom potato pizza on the menu. It’s amazing. We’ve had it both with escarole and rappini.

    BLAH is worth a look; there excellent pizza is only rivaled by their fantastic tap list (one of the owners, Lee Chase, is the former brewmaster at Stone).

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