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Hiking with a Toddler

Whatever conceptions you have of “going for a walk”, “hiking” or “taking a stroll”, please wrap them in newspaper and throw in the trash.  Once you have a kid, you’re going to have to learn new meanings for all these

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Friday is Pizza Day

Then to the good people of the land was it Friday.  A dough ball shall be taken from the freezer and left to defrost on the warm top of the oven above the pilot light.  Lo there will be increased

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The Cycle of Food

A friend bought me a crab this weekend.  Coming from Maryland, I’m used to crabs as small feisty things with a blue tinge to their shells.  The gifted crab I got was wrapped up in a plastic bag and weighed

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San Diego Snow

Sometimes it can be surreal living in Southern California.  You can be wearing a t-shirt outside then hop in the car, drive 35 minutes, and end up in a winter wonderland. The massive boulder piles east of San Diego are

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They Watch, They Know

Lurking in our homes, sucking greedily from the outlets or slowly draining batteries, they are sentient.  How else can we describe the electronic devices in our lives that know when to shuffle off this digital coil?  For the past week

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Bread and Garden

First things first.  Check out the newest sourdough ciabatta: This was a 12-hour ferment at room temperature with no second proof.  I poured the dough out onto a floured board, folded letter-style, dimpled with my fingers to deflate the larger

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Fence Project…COMPLETED!

I’m a firm believer that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing until it makes you sick.  Am I right?  [crickets] Friday afternoon I decided it was time to finish the Fence Project once and for all.  I then shut

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Her Little Ponies

They multiply.  The first one you think is cute.  It will be taken care of, treasured.  The second one is a companion for the first.  The third one was a gift from someone, the fourth given by a friend.  The

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So It Goes

Thanks to Kurt Vonnegut for that three word world-weary summation of the state of everything.  Now let’s get down to business.  That wheat bread I thought was a sure disaster?  I finally cut open a loaf this morning for breakfast

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Sometimes Kids are Awful

Be thankful I’ve had two days to cool down.  Sunday night I got to experience the very worst my daughter had to give, a tempest of three-year-old energy, angst, and bad manners that would make even Mary Poppins use four-letter

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