Simple Friday

Today’s the day for including all the flotsam pictures that are too good to miss but don’t necessarily belong together.  Just like [insert snarky political comment here]!  Hey-o!

First we’ve got Toddler Harbat opening the first corn of the season from our garden.  Blue!  And oddly shaped.  I think this is for flour, though I haven’t tasted it yet.  More to come on that.  Also, she tries on a cornsilk wig to match her cornsilk hair.  It’s so natural, I can’t even see the transition!

Next we’ve got Belle riding a horse bareback while the Beast looks on in horror.  Hey guy, she’s a tough cowgirl, don’t underestimate her.

Finally, Toddler Harbat plays outside in a new favorite dress.  Bubbles are among the cheapest and cleanest fun you can have with kids of all ages.  The more you make, the more soapy water on your floor, so in a way, you’re cleaning your house.  It’s all in how you justify it.  Happy Friday!

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