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How to Destroy Your Bathroom, Pt. 2

Gentlemen, listen to your wives.  Last Friday I was reviewing my weekend plans:  buy a sledgehammer, destroy the sink cabinet and countertop, clean up the mess, and draw Xs through the next five hundred weekends that I’d be doing the

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Simple Friday

Today’s the day for including all the flotsam pictures that are too good to miss but don’t necessarily belong together.  Just like [insert snarky political comment here]!  Hey-o! First we’ve got Toddler Harbat opening the first corn of the season

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Handmade Parenting Podcast

Finally, the podcast is ready!  Here’s your chance to hear about the highs and lows of parenting, get some reviews of books and products, and listen to Toddler Harbat herself.  Click here to listen to the first episode, or just

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Loading, Please Wait

Handmade Blog is going new places.  Tomorrow we’ll be rolling out a new feature, one that will bring throngs in the millions, bouquets of roses tossed like confetti, and a constellation of flashbulbs.  With that kind of build-up, how could

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Passing the Torch

When I was little I got a grand Christmas present: a baking kit.  It was a treasure chest of tools and ingredients ranging from a chef’s hat to mixing spoons.  To me this was a chemistry set with edible results. 

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How to Destroy Your Bathroom, Pt. 1

Here, I’ll give you the learn-from-my-mistake tip at the beginning:  don’t start a home improvement project mid-afternoon Sunday. The leaky master bath drain has forced us to use a basin in our sink and empty it every time we use

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Cream Scones

Happy Friday and here’s a little something to civilize your weekend, you unwashed heathens.  Cream scones are up on the bread page, and even you rebellious tea-dumpers in the colonies should be able to make it yourselves.  In half an

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Writing by Hand

Last week I was given a gift, something simple yet very luxurious:  a pen.  It’s not a chew-on-the-cap plastic straw Bic, I’m talking a real pen.  A Cross pen. This is the first real pen I’ve owned and it has

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Charleston, South Carolina

It’s good to be a city near the water.  You attract all sorts of types:  pirates, traders, genteel folk.  For over three hundred years Charleston has been an outpost of sorts, a classy and beautiful peninsula set in, well, godforsaken

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Flying With Toddlers: The Great Quandary

The last time we crossed the continent by air, Toddler Harbat was transitioning from baby to toddler.  Better to take a direct flight, we thought.  Better to get it over with in one go so she could sleep, maybe wander

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