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Two Little Ones

I’m still thinking about that picture I took of Toddler Harbat and her friend on the Cold Walk.  I like the color version, for the bright punches of fuschia and blue in a muted background, but I think it calls

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Mistakes in the Kitchen

Hey, who’s hungry for dirt soup?  Remember a few months ago when I made dirt soup from a smoked pork shoulder and some split peas?  Last week I managed to do it again with a dried nine-bean assortment, some fresh

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Bi-Polar Parenting

How can a child be so adorable one second, and an absolute terror the next?  For starters, they don’t understand when a joke goes too far.  We’ve met people like this:  chuckle over an anecdote about Aunt Marge, then they’re

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How to Illustrate a Children’s Book

Back in October I took an artist to task for her horrendous illustrations in a children’s book.  Rightly so, her work had no place among the truly gifted artists doing work for children’s books.  My wife recently bought a couple

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Girls in the Wilderness

It was a grand idea, really.  A half-day expedition up into the mountains with a friend and her daughter.  The two girls could wander through the meadows, Sound of Music style, picking flowers and spinning in ecstasy.  As we packed

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The Story Continues

It’s Friday, which means a new installment of the Winter War book.  Chapters 16 and 17 are up on the writing page.  Click here!  Just kidding.  You actually click HERE.  Okay, okay, last time.  Here. In other news, I ran

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Sometimes You Just Need Cookies

As part of my recent food conversion, I’ve switched from shopping the center of the grocery store to buying along the perimeter.  More recently I’ve found I’m hardly going to the regular grocery store at all, and instead get most

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You’re My Friend

Toddler Harbat has been telling me recently, when she’s feeling especially happy, “You’re my friend.”  I’m putting all these in the bank for the times when she’s a teenager and yells, “I HATE YOU!”  My wife thinks it won’t come

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Pizza Pizza

It’s a shame I didn’t try this earlier:  sourdough pizza crust.  I’ve been cranking out dozens of loaves of sourdough bread, but still relying on a no-knead partial whole-wheat pizza crust recipe.  No more!  My rationale for the no-knead is

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Having a Daughter

I’ll admit that I watch Parenthood on NBC.  We’ve got episodes queued up in the DVR ready waiting for a slow night.  At first view I was dismissive—they’re all beautiful people living in beautiful houses in Berkeley!  But then the

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