Sourdough and Whole Wheat: Strange Bedfellows?

Last night I put together a batch of 40% whole wheat sourdough rolls and one batard.  Because I’m a nincompoop I forget to get parchment paper so I had to lay down a carpet of flour to proof the bread.  Then it got stuck.  And lo there was cursing.

But!  Here’s how it came out.

Notice that the rolls are much more wan and didn’t caramelize.  And you might not be able to see that the tail end of the loaf isn’t as browned either. 

Oven temps were the same, and the dough got an overnight ferment.  What gives?  I’ll report on taste later when I get to open these open, but I suspect I’ve strayed too far over the whole wheat percentage line, into unknown territory.  Here be monsters and pale bread!

“Wanna color Babbo?”

It’s so hard to resist this question in the morning when I’m rushing to get ready for work, especially when it’s asked by an earnest little cherub.  So I colored with Toddler Harbat instead of packing my lunch.

“Da dum da dum, it’s Elmo poo-poo!” she sang happily.

Hmm.  I would be suspicious and concerned, except that I know she’s learned this song from me.  Keep it up, Toddler Harbat!  Thirty years from now, the Elmo poo-poo and Elmo potty jokes will still kill, trust me.

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2 comments on “Sourdough and Whole Wheat: Strange Bedfellows?
  1. Crissy Po says:

    The bread was "doolishus" as TH would say. The whole wheat definitely makes it tastier.

  2. Keren says:

    That looks so good! You make Passover so much harder to observe with your yummy looking breads!

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