Wait…I’m Confused

I want a rideable mechanical elephant.  Because I dreamt I had one last night, a realistic skin covering an aluminum frame, and a pair of hand levers to drive the legs forward.  “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?*” I wondered as I drove my elephant down the bicycle lane on a busy road.  At breakfast in gray dusky light I was still trying to work out how one could build a mechanical elephant when Toddler Harbat says,

“I’m getting sick.”

“Does your throat hurt?  Where are you sick?”

[pause] “Matt wants to hold all the candy.”

This often happens in our conversations, sudden veers and non-sequiturs.  So I went back to my granola and mechanical elephant and Toddler Harbat returned to her yogurt and blueberries and we both sat quietly as the sun came up.  Sometimes mornings are confusing.

*Turns out someone has.  Check out Andrew Chase’s website for more info on this beauty.  It just needs a saddle.

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2 comments on “Wait…I’m Confused
  1. SRWood says:

    Mechanical elephant? Come on brain, what does that remind me of? Aha!Google "The Sultan's Elephant" and you will find an amazing thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSwIFNJpxZQ

  2. Babs says:

    Eeewwww! Now THAT's strange AND creepy. Is that real elephant skin, feet and ears, stretched over a mechanical elephant?? And how is it that you're dreaming about it? Does it have anything to do with representation of the Republican party and the signing of the Health Care Reform bill??

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