Uh Oh

I came across this diagram in a book at work. 

I’m guessing they put that guy in there to show the seriousness of a flat-slab structural failure in a seismic event.  I somehow resisted drawing a word bubble caption into the picture.  Do any of you readers have any suggestions?

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6 comments on “Uh Oh
  1. psoutowood says:

    Here, I'll start it off, kind of like priming the street musician's hat with a few bucks."Indy, do something!""Shoulda had a V 8.""Carl opened a tiny umbrella over his head.""And that was how Flat Stanley was born."

  2. Babs says:

    It's all Isaac Newton's fault–but hey–this ain't no apple!

  3. SRWood says:

    Did you hear that? Never mind, it was noth-

  4. Samanthropos says:

    I don't think the conversation bubble should be coming out of his face…

  5. EkoDais says:

    Holy fucking floor

  6. Mark says:

    Here I thought that there would be info on flat slap construction and why it would be dangerous.

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