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No Hitting

Great.  I spanked my daughter this morning.  It was as hard as when I hit her butt for fun when she’s running around the house with no pants, which happens more often than you’d think.  She didn’t even notice or

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Dressing Up

This morning I decided that Toddler Harbat should look nice.  She has a closet full of pretty dresses that are for special occasions, which come far enough between that they rarely get worn.  My wife and I have a running

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Baking and Washing Dishes

It just goes to show, you never can assume to know what will interest a child.  On Saturday Toddler Harbat helped me make our weekly bread.  We started off with the whole wheat soaker, and she enjoyed stirring up the

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Food, Glorious Food

I picked up our CSA box yesterday at the farmer’s market.  It feels like an inside deal, a members only benefit.  My weekly box comes in an unmarked plastic tub.  I couldn’t wait to peek inside.   Picture 1128 Picture

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It’s Not About You

What have I learned about parenting in the last two years?  Some practical stuff like: It’s not easy to wipe your child’s bottom when they are running away from you. Just give up on keeping their face clean.  Just give

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Labor and Love

It was a busy weekend.  Saturday morning I was struck with the idea to make another garage shelf.  My mother-in-law helped out with funds and off to the hardware store I went.  Their lumber yard keeps some stuff out in

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Lighter Fare

Yesterday’s post was a little heavy, man.  So today I propose lighter fare.  Here’s a flip book extravaganza from the great time waster, YouTube: A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything I will give credit where it’s due:  I found

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Eating and Killing

If you think the blog title today is brutal, you must be a Fruitarian.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s for people who only eat fruit.  There are also strains of vegans that only eat food fallen naturally from

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The Art of Making

Last night I got several hours free in the kitchen so I made things.  To work with your hands at a simple task that creates food from raw ingredients, this is a pure joy for me.  I made a new

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The Tragedy to Beat All Tragedies

My wife likes to pick out movie to watch based on sometimes inscrutable logic.  Recently she checked out “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” from the library.  I’m only giving you one spoiler alert and this is it, though even if you

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