Water Water All Around and Not a Drop to Drink

That’s the situation we find ourselves in here in Southern California today.  Despite five days of heavy rain we still are in a drought situation.  Seems odd that you should be conserving water while it’s running in sheets down the road and out to see, but there it is.  During this rain I’ve found that I’m not drinking any water all day—the sound of water seems to sate me until I notice that my mouth is dry.

Driving into work this morning I saw a Delorean in my rearview mirror.  I just got new glasses yesterday so thought maybe there was some distortion in my lenses, because from the front, this vehicle looks like it’s been put in a sandwich press.  The lights seem squashed, the roof is low, the windshield low and wide.  Take a look:


All these years I though John DeLorean was a drug addict/bon vivant who snorted up the finances of his company.  Turns out he was set up and successfully defended himself in court.  Who knew cokeheads could be so could at lawyerin’!  Oh, I kid.  It also turns out that DeLoreans are being sold again.  I’ll make you a deal:  buy a car half the price and I’ll arrange for it to be run over by one of these so it’ll look like a DeLorean.

Since this blog is supposed to be about bread, I’ll have to post pictures next week of the banana bread I’m making this weekend.  This is part of the new experiment for Aurora bakery to branch out to sweet things.  Since this is what I like to eat most, this has dangerous/profitable potential.  Whether I include banana bread on the menu depends on demand, since it’s hard to keep a ready stock of brown bananas.  Though it’s funny, when you need a rotten banana there are none to find.

Happy Friday and tell your friends about the blog.  Be sure not to use too many four-letter words, unless those words are “cool” and “sexy”.

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One comment on “Water Water All Around and Not a Drop to Drink
  1. Babs says:

    I suppose that if you drove that mining truck along the freeway, you'd get more attention than the Delorean–and people would move out of your way! Yum sweet breads!–well not THAT kind of sweet bread but you know what I mean. Cranberry nut or apricot nut bread is also a fave.

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