Today’s Happenings

It is absolutely dumping rain outside, which is a real event for Southern California.  Somehow it manages to do this just during the day at work, and when you want to be snug at home in front of the fire, or drifting off to sleep at night, there’s not a drop of rain to be had.  Maybe tonight?

My kitchen duties recently have only involved dishes, soap, and hot water.  But tonight!  Tonight I’m trying out the new pizza dough which will hopefully yield a more crusty and strong dough.  And since our last pizza used marinara sauce that had gone slightly bad, I think tonight will be a white goat cheese and green onion pizza.  How about some garlic?  How about peanut butter and gummi bears?  Too much?


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One comment on “Today’s Happenings
  1. Samanthropos says:

    Umm yeah rain for you = snow here.
    Also, talk to Seth about his special pizza sauce recipe.

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