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Where am I?

Ever have one of those dreams where you think, “Come on, this just can’t be!”  And yet there it is in front of you.  This week has been a busy one in my dream mind.  Early in the week I

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I Made an Ear!

Finally, I think I’ve hit on what it takes to make ears.  No, it’s not a sharp scalpel, a trip to the morgue, and some reanimation serum.  Last night I made two loaves of sourdough and decided to form them

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I Doin’ It!

If you have a toddler, or perhaps an immature spouse, you’ll hear that phrase often.  Toddler Harbat is now able to turn on maximum rage if she isn’t allowed to do “it”, which may be getting into her carseat, feeding

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Yesterday while my wife slam-danced in the mosh pit at Gymboree, Baby Harbat and I plopped down in front of a computer at the Apple Store.  Any guess on first requests for videos?  Muppets, natch.  After 40 years, the Muppet

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Water Water All Around and Not a Drop to Drink

That’s the situation we find ourselves in here in Southern California today.  Despite five days of heavy rain we still are in a drought situation.  Seems odd that you should be conserving water while it’s running in sheets down the

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Sup, bra!  You in for some ‘za?  Should we get appos first?  Aright, high five!YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH! [shudder]  Talking like this makes me want to punch myself in the face.  But all the pizza I’ve been eating recently seems to be lowering

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Today’s Happenings

It is absolutely dumping rain outside, which is a real event for Southern California.  Somehow it manages to do this just during the day at work, and when you want to be snug at home in front of the fire,

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Every so often you get a burst of energy, a huge wave that lifts you up and propels you forward.  When it happens, you gotta ride it all the way into the beach.  Saturday morning I decided to do some

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Menu 1-15-10 mod Here’s the new Aurora Bakery menu.  My weekly sales have dropped to between zero and one, which is quite a relief.  Now I can just bake for us at home.  And for dinner parties.  And places we

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Beware Unlabeled Flour

Before the Holidaze, I was running low on flour.  Not good considering the amount of baking I planned to do.  In the last week before Christmas, all local stores were out of bread flour of any type, and I didn’t

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