Congratulations to Hilari, the winner of our first bread contest!  Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.  I have honorable mentions for the most delicious sounding recipes:  Tim and Samanthropos.  Tim’s chocolate pumpernickel chestnut with salt crust sounds like an intoxicating and rich seasonal bread (though I may follow Seth’s suggestion and add in some Guinness).  Samanthropos’ ginger orange brioche with candied ginger is my next favorite suggestion—it might be an ideal holiday bread with a twist.  Hmm…maybe I’ll make it as a twist.

So thanks to all and watch this space for Bread Week next week, wherein I’ll attempt to make the most bread I’ve ever made, and the most different varieties, all before Thanksgiving and hopefully without lighting my hair on fire.


PS – Hilari, send me a private message with contact info and choice for your bread.  Congrats!

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2 comments on “Winner!
  1. Babs says:

    Congrats Hilary! You can't go wrong with that bread! YOu'll love it!

  2. Samanthropos says:

    NOoooooooo!! Hey! I don't get THAT much bread!!

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