Ecce panem nostrum quotidianum!

This brioche is as rich as it looks, flaky and with just enough sweetness.  I was worried the cranberries and walnuts would leach out odd colors into the dough but it turned out a beautiful creamy yellow.  This braid grew really fat in the final proof, and it just barely fit in the oven.  I think I may need to make wider braids, rings, or some other decorative shape that’ll fit on my baking stones.

Here is the potato rosemary bread.  Though the recipe didn’t call for steaming, I did it anyway and am happy with the results.  When you lightly toast this bread, the crust is crackly without being chewy, and the rosemary is just strong enough to make your mouth water.  Both of these have been market-tested to high praise, so they’ll be added to the Aurora Bakery menu.

P.S.  The Latin quote in the beginning translates to “Here is our daily bread.”  Someone will undoubtedly correct me by saying that “ecce” should be “eccus” when used with the tertiary generative form of quotidianum.  To which I’ll say, “…um…uhhh…wait…what?”

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One comment on “Feast!
  1. Babs says:

    Oh WOW! Yum! Glad they turned out so well. Thy look delicious. And how much do you weigh now??

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