New Breads

Last night I made two new breads.  First was the potato rosemary.  It came out prettier than I expected.  I would show you a picture here…

…but I don’t have my camera.  Imagine, my children.

Second was a brioche base with walnuts and cranberries.  This one loaf of bread uses a half-pound of butter and five eggs.  It had better taste good cuz that’s like…um…one thousand hundred dollars or summat.  That dough is chilling in the fridge now and will be made into a braid tonight.  Maybe by then I’ll get my act together and take some pictures too.

In local San Diego news, a woman and her boyfried (but not baby daddy!) went out for dinner, leaving their two kids with a baby sitter.  When they came back two days later they were all shocked when the police was like “Wazzup wit you two?” and the mom was all about she “…could do whatever she want.”  That second quote is real.  Parenting:  F.  Giving people on the Union Tribune website something to bitch about:  A+.

Disclaimer:  If you have any intelligence, morals, faith in humanity, or common sense, please don’t follow the link.  If you slow down at car wrecks so you can see pieces of viscera and crushed metal, click away.

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