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Stuff ‘N Stuff

The search for a dishwasher continues.  In contradiction to common sense, we went to several retail outlets this weekend.  Since it is after Thanksgiving there was little merchandise on the shelves, lots scattered on the floor, and a tangy whiff

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Turkey and Trouble

Here’s a question for all my readers:  what’s the one day that Americans will make the most homemade food and create the most dirty dishes of any day in the year?  Wait for it…Thanksgiving!  Good, the second questions is:  what

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(Mostly) Done

Picture 1051 11 loaves, 5 varieties.  Because of all my preparation and scheduling, last night’s bake actually went pretty smoothly.  All the breads went into the ovens one after another, and I managed to get to bed at a decent

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We’re Made of Star Stuff

One of my secret pleasures is listening to trance/electronic music.  Of all the stations I’ve created on Pandora, the one based on Popol Vuh’s Mantra 1 is one of my favorites.  Maybe that’s why I like the Symphony of Science

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A Bit of the Old Ultra-Stress

Tell ya what, kids, there’s nothing like periodically reaching your boiling point to gain a better appreciation of the calm times in life.  Here’s the scene:  Friday afternoon at a local testing center.  I’ve been taking a series of professional

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Calm Before the Storm

Bread Week is shaping up (pun intended) to be a real challenge.  So far I’ve got orders for 9 loaves of bread and 1 dozen rolls.  Six of those are different varieties.  But by far the most popular is the

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Trophy Congratulations to Hilari, the winner of our first bread contest!  Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.  I have honorable mentions for the most delicious sounding recipes:  Tim and Samanthropos.  Tim’s chocolate pumpernickel chestnut with salt crust sounds like

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Last Day of Contest

In the interest of getting the contest prize out to the winner before Thanksgiving, I’m going to be ending the contest early.  Everyone leave a comment on this post by tonight at midnight PST (so you East Coasters get an

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Bread Week is Coming

Thanksgiving is a time of food, business in the kitchen, and post-meal comas.  Every year my wife and I overextend ourselves by attempting at least a half dozen untried and complicated recipes, so by the time the meal rolls around,

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Pizza is Where it At

By ignoring all rules of grammar and the basics of the English language, I can make my blog post title sound cool and urban.  If I was a marketing wonk, I’d say my blog title skews young, hitting key hip-hop

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