I Love My Pumpkin


We originally though this costume would be a bit longer, thus the protruding pot belly and last-minute striped green tights.  There’s something to be said for one-piece slip-on costumes.  And that something is “convenient”.  Especially when you’re trying to get in and out of the costume for potty breaks. 

Watching Baby Harbat ease herself down onto her potty is like real-time footage of the space shuttle docking at the space station.  Three meters…rotate one-decimal-one degrees…two meters…looking good…robotic arm is extending to steady…fire aligning burners decimal-five seconds…and…we are docked.  Since she is two years old with the attention span of a cocker spaniel with ADHD, she immediately gets up, and we get to do the whole docking maneuver again.  So maybe a bottomless costume isn’t so bad.

I have some good news for all my readers:  the recession is over!  Papa Radio told me so this morning!  Okay, here’s what I don’t understand, and maybe it’s because during macroeconomics in college I was distracted by the hung-over frat guy who was spitting chaw juice into a soda can.  Sales figures are up mostly because of government stimulus.  Where will the government be getting that money?  From taxpayers, who are currently paying less in taxes because they are un- or under-employed.  And from taxes from businesses, who have not been selling well over the last year, but are currently showing an increase in sales from Old Testament wretched to merely awful.  With me so far?  One thing Papa Radio was kind to point out is that this still doesn’t account for labor figures which form a part of the recession.  No %$#!  Silly old me, I thought labor figures and employment are the KEY part of the recession.  If people are unemployed, they spend less, so companies can’t sell as many products and services, so they need to fire more people.

But hey, if the news says the recession is over, I’ve got some credit cards burning a hole in my wallet.

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2 comments on “I Love My Pumpkin
  1. Samanthropos says:

    AHHHH!! PUMPKIN BELLY! I LOVE IT! Love the face too!

  2. Samanthropos says:

    I think I might need 2 blog posts per day now so I can read one before work in the morning and then during lunch

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