Oddments and Ripped Boxes

After a long day at work and a business trip I slept poorly last night.  One of my dreams featured a model railroad by father had built.  Funny, since he’s never shown interest in that.  Funny too that he built it in our neighbor’s back yard where we lived years ago.  And he’d gone to the trouble to make it out of full-sized rideable Metrorail cars.  Some of the passengers had the gall to get grump with me because I was flopping down and relaxing on some of the large settees placed in the cars, in lieu of normal subway seats.  I mean, come ON, it’s not like it’s a real train and you all are commuters late for work.  You’re riding on a miniature track in my neighbors back yard, winding among flower beds of impatiens and through the lawn.


My day at work has been only slightly less bizarre.  Walking past my boss’s office earlier, a dog’s face looks back at me through the glass door.  Minutes later I hear tugging and ripping and I see the dog has gotten peckish and is ripping up a cardboard box of files.

“Maude!  You’re not supposed to be doing that!” says the office manager, who brings the dog into her office for closer supervision.  Meanwhile, my boss will come back from her meeting to find: A)missing dog, and B)chewed up file boxes.

I’ll try to convince her it wasn’t me, but she’ll see the cardboard stuck between my teeth and the story will crumble.

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2 comments on “Oddments and Ripped Boxes
  1. Babs says:

    Ok then…I recommend a quick use of dental floss.

  2. Samanthropos says:

    Why would you name your dog maude? Hey, we had dinner with some friends last night who started bread baking, I'm going to give them your blog address. They call their outfit "Masterbakers" (snicker)

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