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Let The Handouts Begin

They actually ship children into our neighborhood for Halloween.  No joke—apparently it’s so safe and walkable that kids from the metro area are brought here.  Last year I ran out of candy just after 8 pm and had to lock

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I Love My Pumpkin

Picture 952   We originally though this costume would be a bit longer, thus the protruding pot belly and last-minute striped green tights.  There’s something to be said for one-piece slip-on costumes.  And that something is “convenient”.  Especially when you’re

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Every year my wife gets out the Charlie Brown DVD series.  In October we watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Every year I’m horrified by Lucy’s behavior.  You’ve probably heard about her pulling the football away as Charlie runs

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Weekend of Celebration

Baby Harbat turned two this weekend!  All week she was ready for the big event, singing “Happy birthday” to herself and talking about cake and presents.  On Friday afternoon she yelled for me to come into the laundry room. “Sit

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I made a braid last night, a loooooooong braid.  I wanted to experiment with a cranberry nut bread that I thought up, and somehow decided that a double batch of bread would be needed to make a braid.  Now before

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Caution! Rapidly Changing Weather!

When you go out West and up into the mountains, guidebooks and rangers constantly warn you to be prepared for sudden and unpredictable weather changes.  It may be 70 and sunny, then five minutes later you’re up to your ankles

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We recently found a Piglet (from classic Pooh) stuffed animal tucked in a box.  We gave it to Baby Harbat who gave it a tight hug and yelled, “Pliget!”  Now this is her companion of choice, from nap time to

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Morals and That

Every so often I’m caught out by my assumption that people are generally going to act as I would, with respect to laws, fellow humans, and a universal moral code.  Of course this is foolish, as people actually act mostly

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Gape Face

Here’s the pumpkin I picked out this weekend:   Picture 1010 I call him Gape Face and though you might not be able to tell from the picture, he’s swarming with flies.  I figure I can’t make a scarier Jack-O-Lantern

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Good Loser

Is there such a thing?  Last night I lost at Pictionary.  Well, lost isn’t the right word.  My team stalled at the starting line while the other team raced around the track to uncontested success, did a victory lap, then

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