The Hellmouth Will Open

According to the weather forecasters, that is.  They’ve been talking about an upcoming Santa Ana wind.  For those not in Southern California, this means a furnace blast of hot dry air will blow out of the desert and desiccate everything in its path, including San Diego.  The last two days, when I’ve left for work in the morning, heavy fog and dew swirl in cool morning air and I think they couldn’t possibly be right.  Can the forces of humidity and temperance hold back the Santa Ana?  Tune in tomorrow for the first day of Heat Crisis ’09 to find out!

Last night I made another sourdough loaf, which is now sitting in the fridge and waiting for me to bake it after work.  This time I made the dough firm enough so it would hold up to shaping and scoring.  It is probably around 65% hydration, and was just tacky enough to get friction on the bench when I formed it.  There really is nothing in the world like satiny smooth dough, just formed into a ball and dropped into a proofing bowl, creamy and full of potential.  Yes, I know how that sounds but geez, get your head out of the gutter!  I’m hoping this sourdough really builds some good flavor.  I know my starter is more active and rich, and I can see little flecks of rye bran in the dough, which I think will add great depth to the taste.  We shall see, precious…

Baby Harbat was in a fine mood this morning, dispensing hugs and marching around in her pajamas.  When my wife asked if she wanted to go potty, she replied, “No no no no…” sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.  It’s hard to get too frustrated with that.

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One comment on “The Hellmouth Will Open
  1. ErinGoBragh says:

    When I moved to LA for school, I remember those insane Santa Ana winds trying to blow up the very crust of the earth. I would call and try to tell my parents about them, but I don't think they ever understood the intensity of the wind.

    I don't miss it.

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