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[Insert pun title here, wait for laughs]

Is it fall?  Yesterday it kinda sorta not really felt like it.  Cooler with some clouds somewhat obscuring the sun.  Well, garsh!  This is what’s called “weather”.  Here is San Diego we forget about those white puffy things that accumulate

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Staying Clean?

Okay, look.  If you have a toddler, your child will never stay clean.  If it’s your first child, you are working under the assumption that people wear clothes, wash their hands, and generally don’t eat sand.  Toddlers do what interests

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Gas Problem

No, this doesn’t have to do with a high-grain diet.  I normally run my car right to empty, until I’m terrified I’ll run out of gas on the highway.  I do this every time.  On the way to work this

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The Whole Birthday Thing

I’ve been put in charge of arranging Baby Harbat’s birthday party this year.  So says the wife, who doesn’t “do the whole birthday party thing.”  Great, I think, I’ll get some basic decorations, set up games, do some cake or

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Toddler Vocabulary

At breakfast this morning, Baby Harbat pointed to a magazine promo for People magazine and said, “Polar bear!”  It was actually Jennifer Aniston on the cover.  Then she saw a picture of elephants and said, “Walrus!  Walrus!”  Well, they were

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The Hellmouth Will Open

According to the weather forecasters, that is.  They’ve been talking about an upcoming Santa Ana wind.  For those not in Southern California, this means a furnace blast of hot dry air will blow out of the desert and desiccate everything

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I am Behind the Times

This just in!  Mr. Goodbar, a chocolate bar with peanuts, is delicious!  I made this discovery after foolishly going grocery shopping while hungry.  I bought aforementioned Mr. Goodbar.  Get this:  it’s all the delicious peanut/chocolate goodness of a Reese’s Peanut

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Loyal readers will know of my long quest for the perfect rustic bread.  The recipes and techniques I’ve used have always led to breads that have good taste, but lack the large open structure, satisfying chew, and crunchy crust that

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Bread and Destruction

No, it’s not the name of a new bakery in town.  What follows happened the night before last.  Tuesday night I made my second sourdough.  The dough was more hydrated than before, so it spread out when I got ready

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All good stories should begin with, “I was late for work and we’re trying to potty-train our daughter…”  This morning after breakfast I sat Baby Harbat down on the potty with a book and instructions to go poo poo.  Since

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