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iPhone fever has swept the Soutowood household!  There is no known vaccination, and the only possible cure is more cowbell (and iPhones)!

We will succumb, it’s only a matter of time.  Because it’s a beautiful Apple product.  Because it has a million apps that do more than you thought possible in a little handheld device.  Because we crave information.

I was talking with a friend about how Apple continues to put out paradigm-creating devices.  Take the iPhone.  It’s a phone, but it has enough interactivity, with GPS, touchscreen, and motion sensors, that it can be repurposed.  Imitators have come out since then, but they don’t even come close, like when Microsoft came out with the milquetoast iPod replica the Zune.  While Microsoft makes a trunk, Apple make s a tree.  The iPhone can branch out in almost infinite directions, based on the creativity of app makers.  You can get an app that will log your run, including speed, time, and elevation change.  Right there that supplants even the best pedometers.  You can use the iPhone as a GPS, with directions, maps, street views.  Garmin supplanted.  Here’s the one that I’m amazed by:  you can stream your home music collection onto your phone anywhere you get an internet connection.  Say you’re in a souk in Marrakech and step into an internet café.  Want to listen to music on your desktop at home?  No problem.  Funnily enough, this feature might supplant the iPod, since you can have massive storage at home with all the music, photos, and videos you can gather. And you don’t have to transfer them to your device.  Take note, tech companies of the world.  This is how you create a new paradigm:  grow a tree, not a trunk.

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2 comments on “Techno Tuesday
  1. ErinGoBragh says:

    It's good to hear praise for Apple. Seems like I've heard a lot of bashing lately, and yet I agree with what you've said here.

    I'd love to get my husband an iPhone. *Sigh* maybe someday.

  2. SusannahB says:

    Don't be like Uncle Rick. Sync your iPhone more than once a year. Please?

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