San Diego Gas & Electric

I gots to give mad props to SDGE for fixing up our oven yesterday.  Or, wait, lemme see, do I have to give them a shout-out first?  Or does that come before a holla-back? 

Anyway!  I set up an appointment with a computer lady (a lady-voiced computer) at SDGE, and my first thought was that the chances of the thing actually working were low.  I was supposed to get a call before the technician came out, though I left a key to the house.  Never heard anything all day.  I should stress I’ve been anxious to have the gas company come out, since the new oven smells like gas and I don’t know that I hooked everything up right.  As I drove Baby Harbat home from daycare, I told her the chances of SDGE actually making it to our house were around 10%.  Well, slap me upside the head and call me ‘sutpid’, but they actually came!  There was a handwritten note that the four burners were all adjusted, the pilot lights were turned down so they wouldn’t heat up everything as much, and the leaky front right valve was fixed so there was no gas smell and the burner worked again.

I should mention this is all a free service from SDGE.  Presumably they don’t want unchecked gas leaks blowing up homes.  Not good for publicity, that.

So can I get a hey-o for the anonymous technician who tuned up our oven?  I said CAN I GET A…never mind.

P.S.  HEY-O!!

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