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Cookin’ With Gas Part 3 (I am a Super Genius)

There are now two functioning ovens in the Aurora Bakery kitchen.  Last night I installed the new safety valve.  All told, it took about 20 minutes.  Because I am Uncle F%$#-Up, however, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

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Here’s the ultimate desk location for detention.  I saw it yesterday at a local high school.  Picture 985 Sure, the view’s great, but there’s only shade when there’s a solar eclipse.  Plus it was a hundred degrees, so that you’d

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Okay, so I’m the worst parent ever.  Well, no that award might actually go to this guy.   Deathwish But every so often you do something that makes you feel like a tyrant.  Last night Baby Harbat was playing with

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When I saw this picture, my heart went all aflutter.   Picture 498 I love my little munchkin with no bounds.  But I am not a morning person.  And when my “morning” begins at five A.M. I am not even

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Here is the dark rustic bread, cut open for lunch.  The people at my office have eaten half the loaf so far.  I have not gotten any complaints of abdominal cramping or broken teeth yet.  The crust is very chewy

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Supa Sunday

Yesterday may have been the perfect day.  I went trail running with some friends in the morning and didn’t blow out my ACL’s leaping through rocks.  Then I devoured some French toast (made with my multigrain bread) for breakfast, followed

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Time for a New Tack

Disappointment.  There’s my one-word summary of the rustic bread I cut open last night.  From the outside, it had so much promise:  big bubbles, deep brown crust.  But the crumb was tight and uniform.  And it didn’t have enough salt.

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Back to Basics

Last night I made rustic bread.  This is the same recipe I’ve been tweaking and working on for the past year.  Towards the end of the life of the old oven, those breads came out pale and pillowy soft, which

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Techno Tuesday

iPhone fever has swept the Soutowood household!  There is no known vaccination, and the only possible cure is more cowbell (and iPhones)! We will succumb, it’s only a matter of time.  Because it’s a beautiful Apple product.  Because it has

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I subscribe to the notion that you can’t really relax unless you have finished a job.  Supposedly, weekends are for relaxation.  But if you haven’t accomplished something during the week, you have to do work on the weekend.  With me

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