The new organic whole wheat flour arrived in the mail yesterday!  Four five-pound bags, packed in crumpled pages of agricultural newspapers—ads for harvesters and large arm-removing equipment.  It arrived just in time, as I’m making three multigrain struans and one whole wheat sandwich this week.  The flour, when poured into my clear plastic storage bin, formed striated layers like a marble cake:  darker lines of bran woven in between lighter endosperm.  When I went to dust my hands with it, it fell off.  I’ve handled sand that was finer than this.  Imagine a mix of semolina and cornmeal.  I haven’t yet tasted the final product, but it sure is fun to work with.  Plus, knowing it’s organic and freshly milled makes it feel…primal…in my hands. 



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One comment on “Ground
  1. Babs says:

    Report on the results–better yet, package it up and send it to me! 🙂

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