Chemicals and Rally Cars

Those were the two biggest parts of my evening last night.  First, the chemicals.

Our dishwasher has been scuzzing up our dishes.  They come out coated with white haze, which no amount of scrubbing or vinegar can remove.  Jet-Dry was deployed to the front lines and came back panting and cowed, “It’s…it’s just too strong…”  Dishwasher Magic was sent in the second deployment to combat, as we were told by the repairman who charged $55 for this nugget of wisdom, “soap scum buildup in the dishwasher plumbing lines.”  It never came back from the line.  Last night I unloaded the dishwasher and found our glasses had gone from clear to milky.  Enough.  Enough!  I got out the bottle of CLR, which is an industrial-strength mineral deposit removal agent.  A few drops on one glass, and I rubbed it clean with my thumb.  So I loaded all the dishes, flatware, and glasses into the machine, pumped it full of CLR, and ran it.  They came out spotless and clean.  So too will be our intestines after we eat off these dishes, but dammit, they look like new again!

The rest of the night I spent on the computer, playing a rally driving game.  There’s nothing like slamming into a tree at 90mph to get you tired.  The game is Colin McRae 2005.  I played it to death a few years ago, then installed DiRT, the supposed sequel.  Well, DiRT is so damn hard I found myself sweating and cursing every time I played it.  Plus it requires a dozen Deep Blue machines chained together to have enough computing power to run the graphics, so I gave up on that game.  I’m going back—back to the future!  2005 never looked better!


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One comment on “Chemicals and Rally Cars
  1. Babs says:

    Yum with the new dishwasher scum removal. We can all use an occasional "intestinal" cleanse. Let us all know how it works—for the dishes, that is.:-)

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