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Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

Recently I heard Bryan Adams whining, “Everything I do, I do it for you”.  It instantly brought me back to 1991, watching the end credits of Kevin Costner’s craptacular Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the thousandth time.  It was

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Yesterday I had a cold coming on like an overwrought metaphor that was…ah, forget it.  Anyway, I left work early to take a nap.  The first half hour I lay in bed and my mind jumped gleefully between random topics. 

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Surf’s Up

Here’s one of the things I love about living in San Diego:  the surf report.  Every morning on my drive to work, our local public radio station does news, traffic, a blurb on weather, and the surf report.  The laconic

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This can refer to a style of music characterized by a heavy beat and sweaty bass guitar licks, a malodorous airborne cloud, or a contagious bad mood.  Last night I encountered the third definition. Baby Harbat was in a good

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Breathing Room

Funny thing, hobbies.  You complain when you don’t have time to do them, yet feel relieved when you have a break from them.  Since the oven went kaplooey last Sunday, I’ve had time to do other things.  These things include

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No, not golf.  I had dinner at the Linkery last night.  My wife and I got to go on a date!  For the first time in four months!  The Linkery is a hip, food-oriented place.  They make their own breads,

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Watchmen: Watched

Wow.  That movie was awesome.  Having read some of Alan Moore’s work, I know he likes conflicted characters.  This movie was gritty, powerfully acted, deep, sexy, and fun.  Although it seemed tempted, it never quite dipped into Hollywood schlock pandering,

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I Have to Sit on a Pillow

This is because my bank doesn’t understand the phrase “No means no.”  I went in to my local branch a month ago to have overdraft protection removed.  Protection is a funny word, as the bank defines it.  For them it

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Well, that’s done.  The presentation went really, really well.  I went last and ended the evening on a high note.  The Pecha Kucha night was held at the Ivy Hotel here in San Diego.  It’s a modern swankhaüs filled with

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Sunday: The Day That I Lose It

Yesterday was to be my biggest baking day ever.  13 loaves of bread, for a presentation I’m giving tonight to 200 people.  The event is called Pecha Kucha, and I’m giving a short talk on bread, accompanied by a slideshow. 

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