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I Sogni

When you’re woken up in the middle of a dream, you feel cheated.  Though it’s your own mind spinning the fantasy, conjuring friends, places, and situations for your amusement, it feels foreign.  This morning I was in a place I

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Hot vs. Cold

It was hot this weekend.  I have a cold.  Seems those things should go together, but they do.  I got it from Baby Harbat, then passed it to my wife.  BH just has a cough now, but I got the

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Return to Manna

It feels good to be baking again.  I took a one-week hiatus while out of town.  There’s something about mixing ingredients, kneading dough, and tending to it like a parent, that it soothing in its ritualism.  It puts me in

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Understanding Iran

I’ve always wanted to go to Iran.  The names Isfahan and Qom curl like incense smoke through my mind.  I’ve read of many travelers who, after loading up their Land Rovers with gear and crossing Asia, report that Iran was

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There’s a homemade wooden boat in the alley a few doors down from my office.  It is fully rigged, sails down, and sitting on a trailer.  Just to get it rigged must’ve been no small feat, considering all the power

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I watched the video of Neda Soltan dying on the streets of Tehran.  I wished I hadn’t. For those who don’t yet know, you will, but I can give you a brief summary.  A girl in Iran was protesting like

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Summer! Summer! Summer!

June gloom disappeared yesterday and left San Diego with bright sunny skies and warm weather.  For those who don’t know, June Gloom is the period (along with May Gray) when morning fog often lingers until afternoon or sometimes all day. 

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Methylchloroisothiazolinone (And Other Yummy Ingredients)

My recent trip to the verdant hills of Sonoma reminded me that food is a luxury, and fresh simple ingredients always win out for health and taste.  So I was pleased to read this morning in Salon that an expert

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California is Beautiful, Part 2

Sonoma, as part of California, is therefore beautiful.  But that doesn’t nearly explain it.  Fertile rows of grapevines drape over tan grassy hills that undulate through the landscape.  Live oaks dot the hills in dark green puffs and cows graze

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California is Beautiful

I should know this by now.  I’ve lived here for almost five years and have been going up to Northern California throughout that time.  This last trip was different—the journey would be as much a part of the experience as

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