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Sponge Worthy

It has come to this.  I am now bringing bread ingredients to work.  I’m making a rustic bread tonight and my biga sponge starter needs to stay in the fridge, but not too long, and then be out of the

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I have an old mp3 player.  There, I said it, I’m not ashamed.  That much.  It’s a brick of a thing made by Dell.  It actually has 15 GB of space, but weighs as much as a Kenworth transaxle and

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Hello to all my new readers!  I’m seeing hits from India and Australia.  Welcome to my small and bread-filled world.  This week has been especially busy.  Last night I got on the phone with a friend, hooked on my Bluetooth,

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Taking it to the Next Level

This blog title feels like a Smoove B column, but I still think it applies.   For the past several months, I’ve been driving by a building that used to be a Barbecues Galore.  No more.  It shut down and

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The Bell Tolls for Me

Shortly after we moved into our house last fall, a phone rang.  Funny, we don’t have a home phone.  Turns out there’s a 50s-era phone ringer built in to the wall near the entryway.  It has a nice brass plate

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Me Hungry!

I learned something about living bread last night.  Yes, bread is alive.  So are beer, yogurt, and many other tasty things.  I made a rustic olive bread which requires a sponge to be made a few days ahead of time. 

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Tricks We Play on Others

And by “we”, I mean me.  And I shouldn’t have said tricks.  I meant illusions.  As I’ve mentioned in this space before, my long list of pseudonyms is mostly an annoyance to my wife and to my office manager, who

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Weekend of Heat

Nothing says rejection like making dinner from fresh ingredients, serving it warm to someone, spooning it into their mouth, and watching them pinch their face, open their mouth, and scrape the food off their tongue before flinging it on the

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Great Scot!

Like the 15 million people on this planet who have both an internet connection and seven minutes of free time, I watched Susan Boyle sing “I Dream a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent.  As someone with deep Scottish roots on

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Alien Egg

I stepped out the front door this morning and smelled fresh air.  It was blustery yesterday, and spat rain in the evening to the surprise of everyone including the weather forecasters.  This morning large clouds were hovering by the sea

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