While I'm on vacation the posts will be more brief.

Flight out with Baby Harbat was surprisingly easy.  We ended up with a middle and window seat and despite a few squirming shenanigans, she was pretty easy.

Grandparents and Baby Harbat are enjoying each other immensely, and my wife and I are marveling at the quality of light back East.  When it's grey here, it's GREY.  Everything seems dim and dull.  Conversely, I would bet that Easterners come to San Diego and emerge from the plane blinking like cave creatures.  SoCal sun is something to be experienced, and as we've already realized after one day here, missed.

Before the trip I managed to finish the fourth draft of my book and print it for close family to read.  It feels good to have crossed a finish line, however arbitrary.  As it was coming out of the printer page by page, I was still make line edits:  "Her voice, not THE voice."  This is why the draft has a number.  Maybe I'll get to draft eight before forward progress ceases.  And now the song of the new book idea is growing stronger, melodies and rhythms forming in my head.  Oh, the temptation.  Since this draft is out, maybe it's time to strap on my goggles, tighten my helmet, and jump out into the airspace of my next work.  Up we go, into the wild blue yonder…

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