Sleeping with the Fishes

I had a triple feature of dreams last night.  It began with a swim through my backyard that was a few feet deep in water from the pool overflowing.  Neighbor kids were swimming next door and waded over to my yard to give me the 411 (that’s street lingo!) on water temps.  Result:  still too early in the season for the pool, but the overflow was warm and swimmable, if a bit dirty with leaves and cigarette butts.  Sweet.


Dream 2 involved taking a leap from a helicopter, Man Vs. Wild-style, into a raging river.  My sister was along for the ride, and the river turned out to be quite shallow, with slippery rocks providing a waterslide adventure down to a splash pool.  Hmm…second water immersion dream.  Does this mean that I want to return to the womb, or that I should drink less before going to bed?


Dream 3 was the best.  I climbed from the river into an old-timey paddlewheel steamer.  Turns out it was a Chinese river boat from the late 19th century.  Narrow wooden spiral stairs led to immaculate mahogany and brass rooms.  One was a butler’s cabin, and the butler kept hiding behind furniture as I tried to see him.  Ahh, good man.  Always out of sight, yet at my beck and call.  Well done, old sport.  As I wound up to the main deck of the ship I ran into the Emperor and Empress.  By this point we had hit rough water and the ship was rolling and creaking, the windows battered with spray.  Seeing that the Emperor was going to lose face because he was frightened, I kowtowed and addressed him. 


“I apologize for my fear of the ship in the storm.  I am sorry to alarm you, and I know we will be fine.”


He nodded and gave me a brief glance that signaled appreciation. Score.  It’s always good to get in with the Emperor. 


When the waters had settled we made our way down the gangplank to shore and I was behind the Empress.  She was a modern figure, with short hair and wearing a leather jacket.  Ooh la la!  She was the female equivalent of Emperor Pu Yi, the last emperor, who was trapped between the modern world and ancient title.  I was about to ask her on a date (why not?  Imagine the bragging rights!) when the discussion veered sharply to electric scooters and the future of personal transportation.


Well, at least I’ve still got those brownie points with the Emperor.  Although if he finds out I was hitting on his lady, I might get the royal dragons in my next dream.

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One comment on “Sleeping with the Fishes
  1. Babs says:

    Have those Royal Dragons arrived yet? Might need to drink less before you hit the sack and you will have less harlat dreams.

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