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Home Again (x2) Jiggity Jig

[exhale]  Sleeping in your own bed in your own house after a busy trip away—there must be something better, but I can’t think of it right now.  Mostly because I’m still tired from jetlag and waking up at 5:30 with

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While I'm on vacation the posts will be more brief. Flight out with Baby Harbat was surprisingly easy.  We ended up with a middle and window seat and despite a few squirming shenanigans, she was pretty easy. Grandparents and Baby

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Dream dream dream

What a day.  Busy and exciting work left no time for blogging and barely any for lunch, though I managed to shoehorn in a supa-sweaty run.  Thanks to all those commenting on my blog—for a while I felt like I

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My Daughter’s Head is Exploding!

Figuratively.  Each day she talks more and more, albeit in her own language.  She is getting adept at repeating sounds and recognizing new words.  Already I can see she is leaving behind hand signs and wanting to vocalize what she

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Free money! (Strings attached)

I drove home yesterday through a flurry of cash.    Just after I got on the highway, I saw cars pulled over to the median and shoulder, cars scattered akimbo across lanes.  People were running every which way and darting

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To Write, or To Write?

I’m straddling two writing projects and I feel like Short Round, pulled between parallel mine carts racing over a ravine of lava.  Well, okay, that might be a bit much.  My one Big Work is the implementation of the final

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Bread for Beginners

Reading Seth’s interest in getting started with bread (see comments on my Friday post) got me thinking about the best first-time bread.  I started with the no-knead recipe from Cook’s Illustrated and was really blown away by the look and

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Unngh…shreeep! Gungh…uh…

I’ve started to read comic books.  Ahem.  Graphic novels.  A friend of mine, Lord English from the Stately English Manor, got me into it.  I read an interview with Alan Moore on Salon, and enjoyed his V for Vendetta comic

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Irish soda bread sliced The joys of Friday:  having a busy and productive half-day at work, then going home and enjoying a half-weekend day.  Somehow this adds to feel like a full work day AND a full weekend day.  Me

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Everyone Remain Calm!

Public tension is threatening to disrupt society over my blog and delightfully pedestrian musings, particularly over the provenance of my daughter’s nickname.  I say unto the masses, “Be calm.  The explanation is here.”   Baby Harbat.  The first part is

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