Le Petit Diabolique Écolier

Chocolate biscuit update!  Not content to let me wife badmouth my second most favorite cookie, I did some investigation.

Looks harmless enough.  Here’s a closer look at that beautiful kisser.

I don’t know whether it’s the moustache or the lizard eyes, but something is wrong with that kid.  I zoomed in a little closer, and the cookie yelled, “Zgyrr blvmddam!”  I almost lost my nerve, but got this picture before I sprinted for the door:

But it is covered in milk chocolate.  So there’s that. 


Next case for the Cookie Exploratory Committee:  Vienna Fingers.  Why are they so addictive?  Early bets are for crack and and/or marijuana as the unprinted ingredients.  Devishly clever, those industrial bakers.  Both fueling and supplying the munchies!

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4 comments on “Le Petit Diabolique Écolier
  1. Babs says:

    I agree with Cristina on THAT one. I think it's his outfit that's more frightening. He has to take all that bullying everyday. I'd switch to Vienna Fingers ASAP!

  2. SRWood says:

    Yeah, but who's Vienna and is she still looking for her fingers? I prefer Tarantula Faces and Sea Cucumber Duodenums. Duodena? I'd check the box but it's at home.

  3. Samanthropos says:

    First of all, who likes vienna fingers ANYWAY?? They are DRY!!!
    PS: on my inpatient rotation this week, I actually heard a doctor say "pannis". I did not realize this was a medical term but apparently it is. Other fun term: doctors like to say "body habitus" instead of calling a patient super fat.

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