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Woke up at 4 am this morning, as per usual.  Not got up, mind you, woke up.  Not sure why my body does this, but this stutter-step into the real getup at 6 is no fun.  I woke up in

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Le Petit Diabolique Écolier

Chocolate biscuit update!  Not content to let me wife badmouth my second most favorite cookie, I did some investigation. Petit Ecolier plain Looks harmless enough.  Here’s a closer look at that beautiful kisser. Petit Ecolier face I don’t know whether

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Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh

A few nights ago I was putting Baby Harbat to bed.  Here’s the scene:  I’m holding her and rocking before I put her in her crib—this is quiet snuggly time and she’s supposed to be winding down to go to

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Obese Tuesday

I am celebrating this day by eating more Rolos than I should.  At least they are filled with ooey-gooey caramel so you have to eat them more slowly, which is good.  But they are 200% sugar.  So that’s bad.  I’m

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It’s the Smell

I cut down several trees this weekend, though it wasn’t the axe-swinging cathartic event I’d hoped.  The first was a Chinese elm that had sprung up in a row of hedges in front of our house.  Beautiful multi-trunked thing and

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Bad Hair Life

At some point in my childhood I decided to Take Charge of my appearance.  No more sweaty mud-stained corduroys.  I began first with my hair.   For the formative years it was a straight (or slightly crooked) bowl cut.  Standard

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Zap!  That’s the sound of something in my brain short-circuiting when I saw my December electric bill.  $540!  That’s not a bill, it’s a shiv in the ribs while someone pins your arms and empties your pockets.    We just

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Had a dream early this morning, 4:30-ish.  I was crouching behind my laundry basket because of a threat of terrorists.  I was traveling abroad at the time.  I heard them coming, chanting “Nagata nagata” very quickly, like machine-gun fire.  I

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Explosions etc.

It’s a mixed bag today.  Jujubees, peanuts, and that weird orange dried fruit you always leave until the end.   I managed to shatter two baking stones while making bread this weekend.  Evidently super-heated iron skillet plus cheap baking stone

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Futurocon the Vacuum!

The future is as exhilarating as I thought it would be, though I am not wearing a silver unitard.  Yet.   My wife found a great deal on a Roomba online, and it arrived a week or so ago.  A

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