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What is That Stabbing Pain in My Gut?

Is one question I want answered.  Preferably by someone who knows more about medicine and anatomy than me.  My mother-in-law pointed out, with patience, that my stomach was not low and on my right side, but high up on the

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Get Some Air

Here’s some real craftsmanship.  Let me set the scene.   December 17, 1957.  There’s snow on the ground, Christmas shoppers are flowing in and out of Macy’s, Gimbal’s, and the sidewalks of Manhattan are humming.  Jammed in a small booth

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Sump pumped!

 Aha!  Craftsmanship found!  In the most unlikely of places.  Let’s flash back to last December.   Our Big Rain Event of 2008 left the sump in our crawlspace almost filled up with water (the sump is a 18” wide concrete

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Impounding Headache

Home ownership is something my wife and I have looked forward to for a long time.  The chance to truly customize our own nest, to be lords of our very small manor.  (As of now, we only have one unruly

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Those People

Already I’m making my first veer away from craftsmanship.  Toonces, no!  (For anyone who doesn’t know who Toonces is, shame on you!  Of course, in twenty years, this will be like not knowing who the Katzenjammer Kids are today.  Go

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So it begins.

Craftsmanship?  I'll find out what it is through this blog.  Well-crafted music can come from folks like Yo Yo Ma.  Well-crafted speeches can be spoken by Obama.  Yesterday, incidentally, we got both.  I want to dig, explore, sip, scratch, and

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Vox Tips & Tricks

Write your first post Tell us a little about yourself. How’s your day going? What brought you here? What’s something you’re really excited about? If you need a little inspiration, answer the Question of the Day. Or introduce yourself to

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